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tv   News  ABC  June 18, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the bp boss was tarred and feathered in washington. >> he killed a man and spent 25 years on death row. last night, a firing squad ended his life in utah. a deadly tornado touches down and several injuries are reported. good morning it's friday. >> yep, here we go. you'll want to go to the beach or grandpa's house. >> it's hot. happy father's day, sir.
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>> i hope we all have a great weekend. the weather should cooperate as we have temperatures this morning really comfortable 50s and low 60s across the board. 61 in baltimore, one of the warmest readings we could find in central maryland. pax river 66. 59 in easton and in ocean city. we have a lot of sun this morning. mid-50s to mid-60s. we'll get to 85 this afternoon under a sunny to partly cloudy sky. 85 is the two degree guarantee. it's 5:31 and here's more. >> if you head out to the beach, you won't find any problems on route 50. traffic really off to a good start. we don't have any accidents to let you know about as you make your way on the beltway, you see traffic moving well here at harford road. no problems on 83 as well.
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it's clear from mount caramel road towards the beltway. you will not find any problems on the southwest side. outer loop lanes looking good. no problems as you approach the i-70 interchange. megan, back to you. louisiana says the price tag could top $100 billion to clean up the gushing oil and compensate the victims. angry lawmakers on capitol hill are taking aim at bp's top man. tony hayward apologized and didn't diffuse the hostile atmosphere, though. john hendren has the latest. >> reporter: as wave after wave of oil wash as shore on capitol hill it was something like a public flogging. >> bp blew it. you cut corners to save money
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and time. >> just appalling disregard for the gulf coast and inhabitants is one of the most shameful acts by a corporation in american history. >> i think the buck stops on your desk. >> reporter: hayward gave little ground, refusing to admit wrongdoing. but the day after a victims compensation fund, hayward found a friend. >> i am ashamed of what happened in the white house yesterday. i think it is a tragedy of the first proportion that a private corporation could be subjected to what i would characterize as a shakedown. so i apologize. >> reporter: vice president joe biden was incensed. >> what is wrong with that? how is that a shakedown?
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>> reporter: barton apologized and wore that time, the damage was done. even republican leaders called barton wrong and point out if republicans retake the house, the man in charge of the big energy bills would be you guessed it, joe barton. on monday, ryan sea crest will host a gulf coast relief telethon. starting at 8:00, the disaster in the gulf how you can help will feature three charities so callers can pick one and all of the money raised can go to rebuilding the gulf. you may want to double check what you are packing in the lunch here today. con agra foods is recalling all marie calendar brands frozen meals of the chicken and rice. there have been reports of 29
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people getting sick because of this. every 13 minutes, breast cancer claims the life of a woman in the united states. some women can't get the medical care they need because of a lack of insurance or lack of money. the susan g. komen for the cure is working to change that with the $200,000 donation to the baltimore medical system. >> before you can save anybody else, you've got to save yourself. so that's what we need. >> the baltimore medical system a community-based nonprofit organization. sad news here. funeral arrangements for parliament funkadelic. he was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fake in 1997.
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crowds become unruly celebrating the lakers nba championship. let's found out about our weather. 61 degrees, clear skies. let's go to the m it. a to check in with mark jones. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if your ride is on light rail or the metro subway, both are operating on time and up to speed. out on the m.a.r.c. train system, brunswick line 892 are canceled. on the buses a 23, 52, 59 are 20 to 30 minutes late. celebrate african-american history culture and art at the african-american heritage festival today, saturday and
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sunday and m & t stadium, the stop puts you right for all of the fun. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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take a look at this. before we get to weather, we want to show enthusiasm huge funnel cloud. tornadoes ripped across minnesota overnight killing at least two people and injuring dozens of others. homes are flat, gas stations destroyed and trees toppled and power lines ripped down. some of the hardest hit areas in the northwest part of the state. just incredible part of the video makes you thankful we're dealing with the heat here. right now this is justin berk with a string of 90 degree days. >> we have a long stretch coming up, but not today. we begin that 90 degree heat over the weekend. we'll show you what it looks like where the current conditions are with 59 degrees. light breeze out of the north- northwest. a clear start to the day. we'll take you to much milder tide points. right downtown with the insulation of inner harbor. average mid-50s to mid-60s this
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morning. then we jump to a high of 85 under the sunny to partly cloudy skies. 85 is the two degree guarantee, yet 90s over the weekend. let's begin the trip to your day with kim brown. so far it is a good trip. we have a couple of incidents reported. we take a peek here at our maps. one crash southbound 95 past route 198 in laurel. another crash just reported in edgemere, northbound lanes of north point road at the beltway. linda so is standing by with the results of last nature's city council vote. >> reporter: the 4 cent bottle tax goes flat. linda so, it was defeated last night but it's not a done deal yet. how effective is vitamin d at reducing your chances of getting cancer? i'll tell you what doctors say in a new study.
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it's about 5:44. dozens of city workers look like they will be getting the pink slips now because of the 4 cent beverage tax that was supposed to save their jobs.
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linda so is here to tell us why some are still holding out hope. linda? >> reporter: the 4 cent bottle tax isn't dead yet. it could go up for another vote before the june 30th budget deadline. if a council member who voted no last night changes his or her mind, there could be a motion to reconsider. it was a 7-7 tie on the vote last night. those who voted against the tax says that's what their constituents told them to do. members who voted for it say it would have saved jobs. now city workers will be laid off. the head of the union representing the city workers is holding out hope. >> they need to look hard and long and think about what they did. maybe there still might be a resolution. >> mayor stephanie rawlings blake says funding for basic services like graffiti removal will suffer because the tax was voted down. the beverage tax was expected
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to generate millions a year. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. a public viewing will be held today for a maryland state trooper who was killed last friday. trooper first class wesley brown was shot at an applebee's restaurant after escorting an unruly customer out of the restaurant. police have arrested two men in connection with his death. a public viewing will be held at 4:00 p.m. at the baptist church in capital heights. brown's funeral will be held at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow at the jericho city of praise in landover. calcium, vitamin a, vitamin b, c. you probably think vitamin d. it may not be all it's cracked up to be. it once was thought to prevent certain types of cancers it may not at all. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning, megan. turns out vitamin d does not reduce your risk of cancer after a large study by the national cancer institute and
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other organizations. scientists studied more than 7,000 cases. researchers examined vitamin d levels in blood that have been collected from thousands of men and women before they received a cancer diagnosis. the study found no protection against lymphoma, esophagus, stomach, kidney and ovarian cancer. >> in fact, most people probably do need vitamin d supplements but should have the levels checked before they start taking them on a routine basis. >> doctors say vitamin d is necessary for bone health so we don't want to be too low in vitamin d to absorb calcium for our bones and prevent osteoporosis. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. today, the ninth annual african-american heritage festival gets under way. it will feature new educational and historical visits along with the children's area. don't forget the live musical acts. tonight, robin thicke will be there. just announced, fantasia's
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coming. and guest host patti labelle. >> that's pretty good. >> and sunday gospel singer donnie mcclucken will be there. general admission is free before 4 and $5 for after 4:00 p.m. children get in absolutely free. it's 5:48. take a look around the region this morning. widespread of temperatures depending on your location. if you away from the bay, 56 right now in veterans administration and ellicott city. we're showing hill tops in the low 60s. if you are closer to the bay, temperatures are in the 60s as well from annapolis at the harbor school with a pleasant start. overall it is the crispness you will feel in the air. light winds may build up pollutants and moderate air quality, code yellow from
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baltimore to new york and back to pittsburgh as we head through today. generally, a clear sky starts us off. if anything, we may build up a couple of afternoon clouds but should be harmless. once again, we're expecting highs to slide off the coast. that shifts our winds pumping in the heat and humidity as we head towards the weekend itself and into the middle of next week. we'll probably lock this thing and block it off the coast, which holds us into the summer pattern for quite a few days. overall, though, we have a beautiful setup, virtually clear to partly cloudy skies. if you are running that baltimore 10 miler, it looks like a crisp start should hold in the morning with temperatures in the 60s. a little cooler and longer, but we'll push 90 and throw clouds out ahead of the storms with fire in the mountains. we'll probably stay rain free tomorrow. about a chance of showers that could fire up early on sunday
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morning bringing back the humidity and a better chance of storms heading in through sunday afternoon. for today, 85 our 2 degree guarantee under a mostly sunny sky. we remain clear once again, just not as cool as we are right now. let's check it out for tomorrow. a good looking start to the weekend. we'll get up with more heat and humidity to 90 under a mostly sunny sky. how about that outlook for father's day? still looking good and full laying at 93 degrees. it could be approaching 100 in the heat index. maybe dad wants to look out for the eye to the sky as we throw that barbecue in full force later in that day. by monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, high temperatures each day holding into the lower 90s. while you see rain and lightning bolts on the screen, doesn't mean it will get hammered. it means a chance each day of getting afternoon thunder showers. let's go to the roads right now
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to see what's happening with the traffic. >> we have a couple of things working this morning, justin. debris reported in the northbound lanes of the fort mchenry tunnel in bore 4, which is the far right lane in the right tube. also an accident in edgemere, the northbound lanes of north point boulevard at the beltway. as you are traveling southbound an 95, you will see a crash off to the shoulder past route 198 which is in that intercounty connector work zone. we're looking really good in terms of making your way through the city. five minutes southbound on the jfx down to st. paul street. 95 running without any problems. three minutes from the beltway to the 895 split. only five minutes to the fort mchenry toll plaza. traffic's doing very well around the area. moving at a fantastic pace around the beltway. this is the southbound side at frederick road. no problems on the south side as well. traffic is moving well on both loops this morning. just stay with us because we have more of "good morning, maryland" coming right back after this.
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all right. we're six minute as way from 6:00.
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condemned killer ronnie lee gardner faced a firing squad early this morning. that method of execution hasn't been used for at least 14 years. he was sentenced to death after killing an attorney while trying to escape from a courtroom. "the herald" mail says he graduated from a maryland high school. two huge fires outside of a hope after a propane tank exploded near another. a delivery truck operator was filling up when he foregoat to disconnect the pump hose. residents reported seeing a tower of flames and smoke visible for a couple of miles. all of that mess and no injuries were reported. some fans have gone too far celebrating the lakers championship. police say there have been random fights and the crowd knocked over a transportation sign outside the arena. there have been at least four people arrested for being a
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little too drunk in public. a day at the beach sounds like a relaxing, fun time. >> but there's something to be aware of. we want to make sure your beach experience is a safe one. at 5:56, we've got our selves beach weather. today mid-80s but a 90-degree stretch for a six-day period. we may just be just below that mark in the backyard, but close to 90 beginning this weekend and through most of next week. we'll have more on that coming up in just a bit. right now, it's 5:56. let's get out the door on this beautiful friday morning. here's kim brown. >> reporter: thanks, justin opinion nothing will hold you up too much. we'll get a complete check of the travel times in a minute.
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5:59 am >> drink up the toast if you are for the bottle tax. vitamin d was thought to cure all types of cancers, but a new study questions our opinion. >> you are about to enter the range of honesty in reisterstown. "good morning, maryland." welcome in. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. we need more stories like that. >> we do. justin, she's criticizing my singing. >> you've heard it, justin. it's not good. i love jamie, but come on. >> for the record, megan is justified. she is no simon cowell but she's on the mark there. stick with the news. you are a good man, jamie, just not a good singer. 60 degrees had morning at rowland park. what a beautiful start to the


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